Sunday, September 9, 2012

Using a Cigarette Butt Receptacle

It's no use having a cigarette butt receptacle if it's never used. Cigarette litter can be a thing of the past if butt receptacles are placed conveniently so that smokers use them. Discourteous smokers will often use a receptacle if one is readily available. For some unknown reason, smokers don't always realize that tossing their cigarettes on the ground causes the biggest litter problem in America. Having a place to throw their cigarettes will definitely help smokers clean up the environment one small step at a time.
Litter is not just trash. It also includes cigarettes that are only partially smoked, smoldering cigarette butts, matches and match books, and cigarette packs and lighters. If even half the littering smokers in the United States would use a smoking receptacle, a large amount of the nation's trash would at least be contained and disposed of properly. Preventing litter requires that butt cans and bins, smoking urns and other cigarette receptacles be installed in outdoor public places.
Cigarette receptacles come in many different colors, sizes and shapes. Some are made out of metal, others out of durable plastic or a polyurethane material. Some are freestanding while others can be mounted to a wall. Most are eye appealing and blend right in with their surroundings.
There are many organizations in the U.S. that focus on cleaning up the nation's litter. Keep America Beautiful is one such organization. It works hard to educate the general population on the hazards of cigarette littering. It has publications that explain how this irritating problem can be solved. It is more than willing to work with individuals, business owners and government agencies to come up with ways to inform smokers on how best to discard of their cigarettes.
A cigarette butt receptacle helps tackle the cigarette litter problem in America. However, in order for a receptacle to be used, it must be placed in a convenient location and be kept attractive and clean. Once smokers are educated and realize that their "butts" truly are litter, they might be more cognizant of their smoking habit and be more than willing to use a can.

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