Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Nuts and Bolts of GovernmentMoneyClub

The website of GovernmentMoneyClub is actually an affiliate of MyAmericanBenefitsPlan and would have you redirected to that particular site upon accessing it. They are basically systems that are designed to provide aid concerning government programs and one interesting fact about this program is the fact that it was created and promoted by Matthew Lesko who is very popular among fans of his appearances on television shows. However, two questions still stand. Who is Matthew Lesko and what is GovernmentMoneyClub all about?
First off, Mathew Lesko is a known consumer advocate who had written and promoted various methods to make best use out of existing government programs which would include business to educational loans.
The cost for joining GovernmentMoneyClub isn't relatively cheap. There's a monthly subscription fee of $19.95 and a Platinum membership option for $159.40 which would give you an $80 savings for a one year plan. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time provided that you issue a 30 day notification beforehand.
Your subscription to GovernmentMoneyClub basically provides you full access to the system's features in providing assistance and resources. From what I can see, the website's primary feature revolves around assisting you with government applications, government and research funding. As an author, Mr. Lesko had written books which basically give out this very same feature and purchasing one of his books may be more practical than the hefty $19.95 monthly subscription. However, it is completely possible that there are things in this website which his books do not cover. One thing to consider is the personalized assistance that comes with your subscription with GovernmentMoneyClub that allows you to gain answers to relatively specific questions. That is something that a book is obviously not able to do and as government practices changes, all the information in it can easily become outdated.
Overall, GovernmentMoneyClub works well given the niche of information that it caters to. The website is full of links that will take you to pages containing relevant information for your queries. For most of these links though, only members are able to access them and non-members appraising the site may be unable to appreciate this value. GovernmentMoneyClub can certainly prove to be a valuable resource for anyone seeking to take one step ahead in securing their business or education. However, this is all relatively subjective and perhaps it would be best to go for a one month subscription to assess it's usefulness for your needs as a cost-effective solution before committing yourself to its steep platinum plan.

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